It's Time for Green Waste Onkaparinga!

Monday 06 May 2019
It's Time for Green Waste Onkaparinga!

Recycling green organics (including food) is an incredibly important part of responsible waste management. It reduces waste to landfill, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and improves the condition of soils through better compost products.

South Australia’s largest council, the City of Onkaparinga, only collects green organics on a monthly basis - this is not good enough!

Tonight the council is considering expanding this service to a fortnightly basis and I congratulate Erin Thompson - Mayor, City of Onkaparinga for showing leadership on this issue. I hope her councillors follow her example.

Dealing with green waste is a basic responsibility of local government and it’s time for Onkaparinga Council to lift its game and do what its ratepayers want. As South Australia’s Environment Minister and as a local MP representing Onkaparinga ratepayers, I urge the council to follow in the footsteps of EVERY other council in Adelaide.

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