What we
stand for

A values statement by the South Australian Liberal Parliamentary Team

We exist to serve South Australian people, their families and their way of life.

People often ask me - why the Liberal Party?

And my answer is always in reference to my personal values and how they align with the values of the Liberal Party.

When I joined the party, I was a recent migrant, the son of a tradie and a healthcare worker, a student, and a committed environmentalist.

I saw the Liberal Party as the party that could create opportunities for people like me and my family.

Like me, they valued supporting people and businesses to thrive, balancing freedom and responsibility, and taking care of vulnerable people and our natural environment in a sustainable way.

I believe many South Australians share these values and, by upholding these shared values, beliefs and ideas, we can build a better South Australia together.

David Speirs MP
Leader of the South Australian Liberal Party

Why is it important to understand
the Liberal Party’s values?

Our core values guide everything we do. They are the foundation of what we believe and what we stand for.

They reflect what is most important to us. They are not specific to one decision or policy — they determine our priorities and inform all of our decisions.

They shape and predict our beliefs, attitudes and behaviour at a personal, community and political level. They motivate us to get involved in particular activities and guide the choices we make in life.

Understanding the Liberal Party’s values enables you to make a more informed choice about which party or person to support.