Visiting inner-south non-profits

Saturday 17 February 2024
Visiting inner-south non-profits

Yesterday Heidi Girolamo MLC and I visited two non-profit organisations doing important work to support their communities in Adelaide’s inner-south.

MarionLIFE Community Services Inc provides meaningful, flexible and responsive care, support and pathways to individuals and families in need. Their services include crisis support, a variety of support groups, a community garden, men’s groups, community meals, financial counselling and community education courses on top of emergency relief food and material assistance.

Grocer with a Heart run by Brighton Church of Christ is a mini supermarket that offers fruit, vegetables and grocery items which might otherwise be discarded to the people of its community free of charge or at bare minimal cost. While the service is most frequented by those experiencing financial pressures, it is available to anyone.

Both organisations are growing due to an increased demand for the services they provide, particularly as the cost of living continues to rise. Supporting organisations like these is so important because they are the ones that can catch the people who fall through the cracks, support them at their times of crisis, and develop personal relationships to build them back up again.