Labor denies funding for Adelaide International Tattoo

Monday 19 February 2024

South Australians know that Peter Malinauskas is all about sporting events, but when his government denies a funding request for a prestigious event that would support our state economy and our emergency services volunteers – that’s a new low.

Last week I held a press conference with the Adelaide International Tattoo Association, who previously put on sold-out events in the early 2000s which brought in thousands of performers and spectators from interstate and overseas. The funds from these events supported emergency services volunteers in South Australia, particularly those who have been injured, and their families.

The Association had plans to return the event to Adelaide in 2025, bringing in significant tourism dollars across our state, but their plans have now been put on hold. While millions of dollars have been freely given to Liv Golf, the Gather Round, and other events from out of state, the government was unwilling to grant the Adelaide International Tattoo Association a mere $600k short-term loan which would be repaid after the event. Organisers were essentially told by the government that if it’s not a sporting event, they’re not interested.

There is clear pattern of behaviour from this government about what their priorities are. This decision is bad for the economy, a blow for the event organisers- many of which are former emergency services personnel, and an insult to the volunteers who put their lives on the line for our state.