Vickers Vimy honoured in permanent exhibition

Friday 16 December 2022

The Vickers Vimy permanent exhibition is now open! This aircraft was the first of its time to fly halfway around the world from Hounslow (now Heathrow Airport) to Australia in 1919.

The exhibition space is truly special, a great homage to the wonderful piece of history that the Vickers Vimy is. It also provides a great reminder of how far air travel has come, and how lucky that air travel now allows us to be so connected.

A huge thanks to John Gardner, Steven Marshall, Simon Birmingham, Greg Mackie from History Trust of South Australia, Lainie Anderson from the Sunday Mail and author of Long Flight Home, and to everyone else who was personally involved in advocating for and pushing to help this space come to life. The Vickers Vimy finally has the home that she deserves!

The next time you’re flying to or from Adelaide Airport, spare some time to check it out.