Reinstate our holiday names

Thursday 25 January 2024
Reinstate our holiday names

Tomorrow is Australia Day, but under legislation that Labor forced through Parliament last year, it's simply called 26 January.

The same is true for other significant days such as Anzac Day and Christmas Day. Holidays which form part of the fabric and history of our nation have been stripped of their meaning and rendered as mere dates on the calendar that some of us get off work.

This was an act of political correctness gone mad. Many in our community have been outraged, particularly on behalf of our veterans who see Anzac Day as a sacred time of remembrance.

In Parliament my colleague Heidi Girolamo MLC made every effort to amend the legislation and get these names reinstated but this was inexplicably rejected by Labor and the Greens.

When Parliament returns, Heidi and I will be presenting legislation to fix Labor's mistake. We call on the government to back our amendment act as soon as it is tabled.