Public Holiday Names Reinstated

Wednesday 07 February 2024

Many South Australians were understandably shocked last year when the Labor Government removed the names of public holidays like Anzac Day and other significant dates on our calendar. It was made worse by the fact that when the Liberal Party attempted to fix this disrespectful error last year, Labor rejected our amendments. In a victory for respect and tradition, Peter Malinauskas has admitted he got it wrong and Labor has now agreed to fix their flawed legislation.

It is good to see common sense prevail, but these mistakes never should have been made in the first place. These public holidays hold so much meaning for so many, and veterans in particular were upset and disappointed by the move to reduce Anzac Day to ‘25 April’. This whole situation was a waste of Parliament’s time. Instead of worrying about political correctness, Labor should be focused on keeping their promise to South Australians to fix the ramping crisis.