Erosion spreads to Henley Beach South forcing dangerous walkways to be closed

Sunday 26 June 2022
Erosion spreads to Henley Beach South forcing dangerous walkways to be closed

Sand is vanishing from Henley Beach South – forcing the closure of several dangerous walkways – as erosion issues plaguing the coastline worsen and spread.

Now every access point from Henley Beach Rd to Lexington Rd at Henley Beach South has been closed to protect beachgoers from injury.

The latest erosion mess comes as West Beach remains on the verge of disappearing again because the Malinauskas Labor Government refuses to act.

Environment Minister Susan Close – who lives approximately 100 metres from a northern beach – has been forced to step back from the issue because of a conflict of interest and has failed to nominate whose task it is now to reverse erosion damage.

Member for Colton and Shadow Treasurer Matt Cowdrey said the local community remains frustrated by the Malinauskas Labor Government’s decision to cancel the sand pumping project without an alternative plan.

“Erosion on our coastline is getting worse by the day and now we’re seeing beach access points shut off to public because the walkways are just too dangerous,” he said.

“Time is ticking and Susan Close hasn’t put a single practical measure in place to address erosion on our beaches. Now we know Susan Close has a conflict of interest so who is actually in charge of sorting this mess?

“All Labor has done for our coasts so far is announce another review. Considering the degrading state of our coastline, that’s the equivalent of just sticking their head in the sand and hoping this issue goes away.

“Labor needs a practical plan to address erosion right now and it’s maddening that a solution was in place and would have addressed this issue but instead was scrapped and replaced with absolutely nothing. The community is watching their beaches literally slipping through their fingers as erosion spreads from West Beach further north.”

The former Liberal Government spent four years developing and implementing a solution based on science provided by the Department, which saw sand levels finally reinstated at West Beach. But unfortunately Labor has halted that progress.