A Sea Pool at Hallett Cove Beach

Wednesday 29 May 2019
A Sea Pool at Hallett Cove Beach

A few years ago the idea of a sea/rock pool at Hallett Cove bubbled up and captured the attention of many people in our community, including my own.

Following the 2018 state election, I followed through on a commitment to undertake a feasibility study into the pool, funded in partnership with the City of Marion. The study showed that a pool was certainly possible and outlined what form this might take.

With the pool becoming a real possibility and the council and state government working together on funding opportunities, it’s time to have a serious conversation with the community about how this might work.

I’m intrigued by the potential of a sea pool at Hallett Cove beach. The feasibility study suggests that it could hug the foreshore at the southern end of the reserve, replacing the failing sea wall (which needs to be renewed anyway) and away from the iconic cliffs and glacial age rocks.

The pool’s presence is likely to create a ‘pocket beach’ alongside it, returning sand to this part of the beach.

For me these are non-negotiable

✔️the pool’s design and placement must be environmentally sound

✔️the pool must not detract from the overall visual amenity of the beach

✔️ the pool must be supported by a significant proportion of the Hallett Cove community

✔️ car parking must be carefully considered, although I suspect after an initial surge in visitors this would settle out, with the nearby railway station providing suitable parking and access via public transport