Plastic-free precincts - expressions of interest received

Thursday 08 August 2019
Plastic-free precincts - expressions of interest received


South Australia’s push to ban single-use plastics has taken another step with 10 expressions of interest received to be the state’s first plastic-free precinct as well more than 25 diverse applicants to join the government’s stakeholder taskforce.

Expressions of Interest for both the stakeholder taskforce and to sign up to become a plastic-free precinct closed on Friday 26 July.

Applications to be the first single-use plastics precinct were received from all around Adelaide with the first precincts to be decided in the coming weeks.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs confirmed more than 25 organisations had applied to join Green Industries SA’s stakeholder taskforce, representing local government, businesses related to plastics and their potential alternatives, the hospitality sector and disability advocates.

“After strong public feedback, the Marshall Liberal Government is taking action when it comes to single-use plastics in South Australia,” said Minister Speirs.

“Our government is seeking a wide range of input on what any future phase out or replacement for single-use plastic might look like and the stakeholder taskforce will play an important role in our decision making.

“The response to join the taskforce confirms what our previous surveys and research told us – we can’t continue on our current path with no plan to address the impact of single-use plastics on our communities and our environment.

“We’ve had 10 applications from across the metropolitan Adelaide representing various retailers, trading groups, ‘mainstreet’ associations and councils eager to take up the challenge of becoming a plastic-free precinct.

“It’s our community and our citizens that will lead the change in behaviour as part of South Australia’s first trials into plastic-free living through our precinct pilot approach.

“Our first step is to work with the precincts who have a clear commitment and willingness to work with government to trial reducing single-use plastics and testing innovative solutions and alternatives. We’re looking forward to announcing several plastic-free precinct pilot projects in South Australia in the coming weeks who we’ll support through our partnership with The Boomerang Alliance.

The Boomerang Alliance have a strong track record nationally, having developed plastic-free precinct approaches for Noosa in Queensland and Bassendean in Western Australia.

The State Government will announce both the members of the stakeholder taskforce and South Australia’s first plastic-free precinct pilots in the coming weeks. Visit to read more about South Australia’s plan for trialling plastic-free precincts.