Payroll Tax reform

Monday 27 May 2024
Payroll Tax reform

Not only is South Australia in the grips of a cost of living crisis, it’s also a tough time for small and family businesses.That’s why we need to lower the cost of doing business in South Australia by cutting taxes to create jobs. One way to do this is Payroll Tax reform.Today I met with Wayne Duffy from Dulwich Bakery Adelaide, a proudly South Australian owned and operated business, to call on the Malinauskas Labor Government to:

  • Increase the current Payroll Tax threshold from $1.5m to $2.1m to save small businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year.
  • Exempt apprentices and trainees from Payroll Tax to help address our skills shortage.

We want South Australia to be the place for small businesses to achieve big things and, if elected in 2026, the Liberal Party is committed to lifting the Payroll Tax threshold and abolishing Payroll Tax for apprentices and trainees.