New shellfish reef for South Australia

Wednesday 20 November 2019
New shellfish reef for South Australia

We’re partnering with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to build a second shellfish reef in SA.

Our $1.2m investment into the new reef at Gulf St Vincent will create a flourishing marine environment, restore habitat and support fish production.

The reef will be constructed by TNC and will be around the size of Adelaide Oval (approx two hectares).

TNC is the world’s largest conservation organisation, and has rebuilt over 60 reefs globally including the 20 hectare Windara Reef which is almost complete!

Shellfish reefs across South Australia have been destroyed by wild harvest, oyster dredging and water pollution. This exciting project will restore the area and create productive and resilient habitat for marine life.

📷: restored oyster reef in Georges Bay, Tasmania

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