Koala massacre on Kangaroo Island

Tuesday 05 March 2024
Koala massacre on Kangaroo Island

Koalas are dying on Kangaroo Island as the trees they cling to are felled. It’s a harrowing site and a cruel massacre of one of Australia’s iconic species.

Last night’s Channel 7 report was harrowing and I suggest only watching it if you are able to stomach the cruelty of it all. https://fb.watch/qCwf4_mWlS/

Incredibly, today in Parliament, we discovered that the Environment Minister, Susan Close, knew about this operation some five months ago, but appears to have taken no action.

When I was Environment Minister, I put species protection at the heart of my work. I established Koala Life to advance our understanding of this species; provided millions of dollars in funding for bushfire recovery; and worked to create an insurance population of disease free koalas at Cleland Wildlife Park. This legacy is now all at risk, while our tourism industry suffers horrendous brand damage.

Stand up Labor. Care. Do something.