Flooding by air

Tuesday 03 January 2023
Flooding by air

Last week, I was able to see the extent of the flooding in our Riverland and Murraylands regions by air. It is truly astonishing. We're calling on the government to declare a specific trigger point at which recreational restrictions on the River Murray will be lifted. This will give these regions much needed clarity so that locals and visitors can start enjoying the River Murray once more, returning much needed social and economic stability for the summer.

Check out these photos. They show a range of things including:

  • the contrast of where the water normally is (see tree lines) and how much outside the channel has been flooded
  • where the Darling is flowing into the Murray
  • the dark colour of the water from the runoff and nutrients
  • the effect of the sediment as it makes its way out of the mouth of the Coorong
  • that, in places, only a few metres from the floodplains is dry desert… typical Australia
  • a property that tried to set up a levy, which has ultimately failed.