Archaeology at Glenthorne

Monday 15 April 2024
Archaeology at Glenthorne

Thousands of South Australians have visited the incredible playground and nature trails at Glenthorne National Park, but for these researchers from Flinders University there’s a whole other side of Glenthorne to explore underground.

The park is a significant archaeological site where daily discoveries continue to reveal its history as a World War I horse facility. Glenthorne once served as a central location where mobs of Brumbies from across Australia were brought to be trained and conditioned for frontline service. From bottles to buttons, finding artefacts from this era helps researchers piece together a view of how our diggers and their horses served our Nation and the story of Glenthorne’s heritage.

The project, entitled Exercise Warhorse, is also an innovative Australian first; partnering with wounded, injured, and sick military personnel as a way of assisting in their recovery. During my visit I heard from a veteran who said that participating in the dig and learning about military history with a group of like-minded people has helped him better manage his PTSD.

It is truly fantastic to see so many positive outcomes for South Australian history, heritage, and our military community. Exercise Warhorse is yet another example of the tremendous value that the Glenthorne precinct delivers for our state.