A focus on health and cost of living

Thursday 21 March 2024
A focus on health and cost of living

Health and cost of living - two critical issues that are brought up with me time and time again by South Australians. That’s why in the past 48 hours I’ve visited two small businesses at the forefront of these challenges.

At Portrush Road Medical Centre Dr Meena Kundu told us Labor’s new GP Patient Tax will increase the cost of going to the doctor, which is the last thing we need when are dealing with record ramping!

At Rusco & Brusco Tigelleria Osteria in St Morris, owner Sandip has been forced to pull the plugs from fridges in a desperate attempt to save money on skyrocketing power prices. He told us that without support he will have no choice but to close his doors.

This is the horrible situation many businesses are finding themselves in as South Australians deal with the current cost of living crisis. After two years of Labor, South Australians deserve better.