Winter Warmer charity event 2022

Tuesday 06 September 2022
Winter Warmer charity event 2022

Every year I host a Winter Warmer community fundraiser in partnership with Patritti Wines and a local charity. This year I was supported by Heidi Girolamo. We always raise funds for a local charity which this year was T21.Life, a brother and sister duo who are fundraising to put together videos to increase awareness about Down Syndrome (their little brother has Down Syndrome). We also give out community achievement awards to unsung heroes within our community.

This year these went to:

  • Fran Lovell, Friends of Historic Kingston House
  • Russell Stanborough, Marion Football Club
  • Sarah Notridge, local school chaplain, surf life saver and volunteer at St Jude's Anglican Church
  • Reef and Mahala Fahey, T21.Life

Congratulations to each award winner and thanks for all you do in our community.