What We Stand For – a new values statement by the SA Liberal team

Wednesday 19 April 2023

The South Australian Liberal Parliamentary Team has released a new values statement to coincide with David Speirs’ first anniversary as State Liberal Leader.

The document will be used as a foundation to help the Speirs-led Liberal Party continue to modernise, speak to people and communities from all walks of life and develop an alternative vision for South Australia.

The What We Stand For values statement has been put together after a year of reflection and engagement and focusses on seven key areas:

- Opportunity - We believe government is responsible for creating opportunities through education, skills, training and support for businesses to create jobs.

- Individual, Family and Community - We believe individuals, families and communities are the bedrock of our society.

- Freedom - We believe South Australians should live their lives and run their businesses with as little government interference as possible.

- Home - We know how important the home is and we will support South Australians in their home ownership aspirations.

- Responsibility - We believe freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility and that people and government have mutual obligations to each other.

- Service - We believe government exists to serve people.

- Compassion and Respect - We believe all government decision making needs to be characterised by compassion and respect.

State Liberal Leader, David Speirs, said the Liberal Party is at its strongest when it stands up and fights for its core values.

“These values highlight the importance of giving people a hand up, rather than a handout; they champion equality of opportunity; nurture aspiration; celebrate success; and care for our most vulnerable,” Mr Speirs said.

“Our core values guide everything we do. They are the foundation of what we believe and what we stand for.

“After suffering two disappointing election losses in 2022, it is my job as Leader to help rebuild this party and make it abundantly clear to South Australians what we stand for and what our alternative vision for the state is.

“Our values mirror what is most important to the SA Liberal Team and will be used to guide our priorities and inform every policy decision, which will reflect the wants and needs of South Australians over the next three years.

“There is no other party championing individual people and businesses, balancing freedom and responsibility and taking care of vulnerable people and our natural environment in a sustainable way.

“Our values should not be a surprise, they have been at the heart of the Liberal Party for decades, but equally now is the time to sharply articulate them, creatively communicate them and proudly stand for them.

“We will now use these values to build a bold and reformist policy agenda to take to the 2026 State Election, while engaging with people, businesses and stakeholders across the state as a Liberal Party which knows what it stands for.

“We will represent all South Australians, but there will be some groups we have a relentless focus on. Families, small businesses, communities and our regions will be at the forefront of our thinking, our policy offering and our advocacy.

“I believe many South Australians share what the Liberal Party stands for and, by upholding these shared values, beliefs and ideas, we can build a better South Australia together.”

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