Sporting clubs to pocket $1.5 million in water bill savings

Wednesday 08 July 2020
Sporting clubs to pocket $1.5 million in water bill savings


Sporting clubs across South Australia are set to save an estimated $1.5 million each year thanks to cheaper water bills under the Marshall Liberal Government.

More than 1,000 sporting organisations will benefit from a significant decrease in water pricing with some estimated to save thousands of dollars a year each.

Golf clubs could save on average around $1,208 annually and lawn bowls clubs around $700 each.

Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing Corey Wingard said the savings will help the sporting sector bounce back from the financial impacts of COVID-19.

“It’s been a rough couple of months for businesses across South Australia including sporting clubs and recreational organisations,” Minister Wingard said.

“Competition and training was halted while we dealt with the pandemic but bills and financial commitments weren’t.

“Under the previous Labor government, sporting clubs were slugged massive amounts for their water usage.

“Now, thanks to the Marshall Government, some clubs will save thousands of dollars a year on their water bills which will make a huge difference.

“The land on which many sporting clubs are situated is privately owned or owned by councils so I would encourage all landlords to pass on any savings.”

President of the Prospect Broadview Bowling Club Rob Clutterham said he’s expecting the club to save around $2,400 a year.

“Our water bills are our second biggest expense and savings like this will make a big difference when it comes to recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mr Clutterham said.

“Our financial reserves have taken a big hit in recent months so savings like this are most welcome.”

“In the long term we’ll be able to spend the savings on new equipment and we’d also like to upgrade the lighting too.”

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said lower water bills will deliver a significant cost of living reduction for South Australians.

“An average household will save approximately $200 each year, while an average business will receive savings of around $1,350,” Minister Speirs said.

“By reducing costs for South Australian households, businesses and organisations such as sporting clubs we help them thrive and support local jobs.”

“The former government deliberately inflated the value of SA Water’s assets to drive bigger revenues through bigger water bills which meant for too long South Australians were pouring hard-earned money down the drain every single time they turned on the tap.”

As part of our COVID-19 stimulus package we also announced water relief grants for clubs.

Eligible sporting organisations have been able to receive a reimbursement of 50% of their water and sewerage charges for the April to June 2020 billing period.

Dozens of clubs, including more than 30 bowling clubs, have applied for this relief grant with more than $66,000 paid out to date.