Parks 2025 and the Southern Flinders Ranges

Friday 20 March 2020

The State Government’s $350 million economic stimulus plan aims to keep South Australians in work at this challenging time, as well as enhancing our infrastructure to help us with our economic recovery. ⁣

Our plan includes $22 million towards upgrading the amenity of our national parks and today I was up in the southern Flinders Ranges to see one of our planned projects. Focusing on a range of public land extending from Beetaloo to Wilmington, we plan to work with local councils, landowners and businesses to create an international mountain biking destination, enhance walking trails and invest in campsites to make this special place even better. Today I caught up with a whole range of locals in a serious of outdoor meetings (maintaining a sensible social distance) to explore and understand this plan and to hear directly from the people who will benefit from it.