New Oaklands Crossing

Sunday 05 May 2019

After 40 long years of congestion, I am proud to announce that the new Oaklands Crossing is finally open!

We’ve campaigned hard to bring a strong solution to this ongoing problem, delivering a lowered rail line to ensure that boom gates and long delays are a thing of the past for the more than 40,000 motorists that travel through the crossing each day.

For four long years my colleague Corey Wingard and I have fought continually to get in place the funding to deliver this project and our campaign paid off when Federal MP Nicolle Flint secured $95 million towards the project. This triggered a $74 million State Government contribution and an additional $5 million from the City of Marion.

This cross-government approach has been an excellent outcome with this transformational project beginning to benefit our community, not only with the opening of the intersection but with full services being restored to the Seaford line and commuters having access to the new Oaklands Station.

Various works will continue for the rest of 2019, including removal of the old station, carpark construction, roadworks, SA Water asset installations and landscaping. For real time traffic information and help to avoid delays when travelling, please visit