Major disaster at Majors Road angers local community

Sunday 30 October 2022
Major disaster at Majors Road angers local community

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to release modelling which justifies a $120 million project to install Southern Expressway on/off ramps at Majors Road with a leaked feasibility study from 2020 showing the project “could not be justified”.

More than 800 people have now supported a Liberal Party campaign against the project, which is comfortably more than the 750 people who responded to the government’s official consultation of which 35 percent also rejected the project.

The leaked study shows the Majors Road project would provide little to no benefit until the completion of the North-South Corridor and could actually increase traffic on nearby roads such as Brighton Road and Adams Road.

The same independent analysis also identified there would be “significant volumes of additional traffic along Majors Road” and that “duplication of the road would be required" – something the State Government has bizarrely already ruled out.

Leader of the Opposition David Speirs said the project will cut through the heart of Glenthorne National Park – felling hundreds of trees – all for next to no community or economic benefit.

“This project will put a highway through the heart of Glenthorne National Park, felling hundreds of trees, destroying animal habitat and marooning the brand-new Sam Willoughby International BMX Facility,” Mr Speirs said.

“Tellingly more people have supported the Opposition’s campaign against this project than responded to the government’s own official consultation.

“A leaked feasibility study from 2020 shows this project simply doesn’t stack up so unless the Malinauskas Labor Government has some new advice then this is simply a waste of $120 million.

“The Opposition has constructively suggested that this funding would be better redirected to improving safety on the South Eastern Freeway after a recent miracle truck crash escape.

“Labor must prioritise saving lives on our roads over potentially saving drivers a few minutes.”

Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Vincent Tarzia questioned Labor’s priorities.

“Peter Malinauskas and Tom Koutsantonis should be focussing their attention on completing the North-South Corridor instead of politically motivated projects in target seats,” Mr Tarzia said.

“Significant question marks remain around the future of the North-South Corridor and despite a feasibility study showing the Majors Road project is a waste of money, Labor are arrogantly pushing on with it.

“Wasting at least $120 million for this project simply doesn’t make sense when that money could be spent on safety measures that could save lives such as a third arrester bed on the South Eastern Freeway.”