Healthy Brain Ageing Forum

Thursday 11 April 2019

Since early 2014 I have been hosting seniors’ forums to provide information, support and advice to seniors living in our community. I usually host these forums in Brighton, but in an effort to be more accessible to the newer areas of my electorate, I hosted my latest one in Hallett Cove.

Entitled ‘Healthy Brain Ageing’, the focus of this forum was on what action can be taken to keep your mind healthy as you age. Our expert speaker Dr Brenton Hordacre, has qualifications in physiotherapy and a PhD in rehabilitation and aged care and gave a very in depth presentation, detailing not only the different effects of ageing on the brain, but also a range of preventative measures that could be used.

In all, it was a very successful event with close to 100 community members attending and staying on to catch up for afternoon tea afterwards.