Ground-breaking new wellbeing strategy to Open Your World

Wednesday 06 May 2020


Australians’ mental, physical, social and community wellbeing will receive further support after an unprecedented start to 2020 with the Marshall Liberal Government launching a ground-breaking new wellbeing strategy, Open Your World.

Open Your World will be a single source of information with a dedicated website promoting wellbeing, including tips on staying fit and healthy, activities for kids as well online resources for learning and skill development ranging from language classes to cooking courses.

South Australians continue to respond to the global coronavirus pandemic as well as dealing with the aftermath of a devastating bushfire season and ongoing drought conditions across much of the state.

These unprecedented events are having a significant impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing with the latest Population Health Survey showing one in four South Australians reporting poor overall wellbeing. The development of the first state-wide wellbeing strategy will help respond to these challenges.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs, who has overseen the development of the whole-of-government strategy with Wellbeing SA, said Open Your World focusses on mental, physical, social and community wellbeing.

“In this time of crisis and uncertainty, our priority is to ensure the immediate and ongoing health and wellbeing of South Australians,” said Minister Speirs.

“The unprecedented start to 2020 is having a significant impact on our community and our way of life. While the restrictions to manage the COVID-19 crisis are only temporary the effect on our mental health and wellbeing could be much longer.

“South Australians have responded well to advice around social distancing, self-isolation and the use of good hygiene practices but it’s crucial we continue to take care of our wellbeing.

Open Your World will provide a single source of wellbeing information for South Australians and bring together government and non-government organisations.

“Today we are launching our strategy and new website and over coming weeks we will work with organisations and individuals across the state to do everything we can to support South Australians and their wellbeing.

“The Open Your World website will be a one-stop shop for how to improve your wellbeing with a range of simple activities for the whole family to do as well as information about services available. Activities include enjoying nature and the outdoors, staying fit and active, online learning and skill development as well as interactive arts projects and festivals.

“Now, more than ever, we need to protect people’s mental wellbeing and support them to maintain strong social connections. We need to reassure the community there is hope and a positive future for South Australia and we can achieve this through working together.”

Open Your World focusses on five priority areas:

  • Promoting the opportunities and benefits of sport and physical activity;
  • Creating connection through arts and culture;
  • Encouraging use of green spaces in recognition of the health, wellbeing and environmental benefits;
  • Supporting learning and skill development;
  • Connecting people in their local communities and neighbourhoods.

The Open Your World wellbeing strategy has been developed by Wellbeing SA and supported by a taskforce, led by Minister Speirs and including representatives from Wellbeing SA, SA Health, the Department for Environment and Water, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing and Arts SA.

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