A Sea Pool at Hallett Cove Beach

Wednesday 29 May 2019

A sea pool at Hallett Cove Beach is an idea that has steadily grown momentum in our community. Since so many of you were interested to see if this idea could take off, I have been working with the City of Marion to engage in a feasibility study not only to see if the idea had merit but also to find out if there would be any adverse effects to the environment.

So far, the preliminary findings have been positive and include:

  1. A Hallett Cove sea pool would be technically feasible
  2. A pool would provide protection to and stabilise an area of the foreshore under heavy erosion
  3. A pool would cost $3-5 million, but would deliver a substantial economic return to the local area

With the feasibility study now in its final stages, I dropped in at the Edithburgh Tidal Swimming Pool to find out from council more about the pool itself, how its maintained and how popular it is among the community.

Council were more than happy to have a chat, providing information that will help inform thinking around the possibility of a pool at Hallett Cove Beach.

There’s still a fair way to go as further environmental studies are required and I remain cautious but interested in this idea. It’s now time for me to sit down with the council and other interested parties and work out where to go from here.